Razer Nari Essential vs Corsair HS70 – Which is the better gaming headset

You’ll agree with me that we all value high quality sound whenever we are gaming. Especially when we play high spec online shooter games such as Call of Duty where surround sound plays a very crucial role.

The Razer Nari Essential and Corsair HS70 are both wireless headsets that guarantee you awesome surround sound every time you use them for gaming. Without doubt, their performance will always give you an edge over your opponents regardless of the game you are playing. And what makes them even more competitive in the market is the fact that they come with long lasting battery life. Gone will be the days where you constantly have to charge your headsets if you decide to grab yourself a pair of one of these.

When to use Razer Nari Essential gaming Headset

This headset is most suitable for you if you are looking for a gaming headset that will deliver solid sound performance and is not too costly. The Razer Nari Essential headset is more of a bargain as compared to most of its competitors especially due to the features it’s equipped with. So does this actually make it good value for your buck? It sure does!

When to use Corsair HS70 gaming Headset

Without doubt, this might just be the best choice for you if you a simple guy who prefers a wireless headset that has a subtle look. Some gamers may actually say that the design of this headset is pretty plain but it sure is a pure gem to anyone who is minimalistic. It does come in plain colours but will also guarantee you a great surround sound every time you play games either on your PC or PlayStation 4.

Razer Nari Essential vs Corsair HS70 Feature comparison

Razer Nari Essential
Corsair HS70
Non- removable
Battery life
16 hours
16 hours
Noise cancelling microphone
Open back
Closed back
It doesn’t have passive noise reduction (7.1 channel surround sound)
Has passive noise reduction (7.1 channel surround sound)

How we evaluate Razer Nari Essential and Corsair HS70

We always enjoy making your work easier and that’s why we follow a strict criteria in evaluating the Razer Nari Essential and Corsair HS70 headsets. It is pretty simple as there are a number of features that we take into consideration in order to deliver an accurate evaluation of both headsets:

  • Surround sound– the quality of sound you’ll receive from the headsets.
  • Microphone– it’s an attachment that comes with the headsets that help you to communicate with friends online.
  • Design– we also look at the functionality that comes with the build structure of these headsets.
  • Battery life– the number of hours the headsets will last before you are required to re- charge them.

Razer Nari Essential vs Corsair HS70 – A comparison overview

Razer Nari Essential review

This is one of the most reliable wireless headsets that you can actually find in the market today at a budget- friendly price. Yes, that’s right. It is also compatible with a variety of devices such as PCs and even PlayStation which makes it a key selling point for this headset. You’ll agree with me that one of the most important features in headsets is always how comfortable they are whenever you wear them. Well, the good news is that this headset comes with foam earpads which consist of leather on both sides which ensures a comfortable fit throughout. In addition to this, the material used for the earpads also prevent your ears from becoming hot even when you wear the headsets for very long hours.

Battery Life
16 hours
Micro USB charging port
Surround sound channel
THX Spatial Audio app (offers 10- band adjustment settings)

The Razer Nari Essential headset is also equipped with a Micro USB charging port on the left ear cup. However, you may not need to use this port often as this headset’s battery life can last up to 16 hours before being depleted. The Micro USB is not the only feature that is on the left ear cup, as it also comes with an LED indicator and a volume adjuster. Unfortunately, this headset cannot be used on X- Box ONE because it doesn’t have a wireless connectivity option for headsets. However, you are guaranteed a 7.1 channel surround sound if you use gaming devices that are compatible with this headset. And to make matters even better, you can easily adjust the Equalizer of this headset and set bass to your absolute preference through the THX Spatial Audio app. Well, this is if you are using a gaming PC.

Another impressive feature that comes with this headset is that the sounds it delivers doesn’t distort even when you hear music at loud volumes. This headset also comes with a microphone that allows your voice to be very clear even when you aren’t speaking too loud.


  • It has a comfortable fit.
  • Wide 10- band adjustment settings.
  • Comes with a clear microphone.
  • Log battery life.


  • Not suitable for gaming devices that don’t support wireless connection.


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Corsair HS70 review

This headset may look very plain but you shouldn’t let this be a turn- off otherwise you will basically be judging this book by its cover. When you actually sit down and look deeper into the specs of this headset you’ll definitely realize that it has more to offer other than how it looks. The Corsair HS70 is a definite upgrade from its predecessor as it is made out of aluminium and comes with wireless connectivity. In addition to this, the headset is also equipped with a microphone that you can easily attach or remove depending on your mood for the day. Well, this serves as a major advantage because you can actually do without the microphone if you feel uncomfortable when it just there right next to your mouth. This headset also comes with big padded ear cups that enable you to have a comfortable fit even when you wear the headphones for a long time.

0.73 lbs
Corsair Utility Engine (CUE)
Surround sound channel
Connectivity Range
30 feet

Moreover, this headset weighs only 0.73lbs which is not heavy and enables you to enjoy gaming for a long time without feeling fatigued. I mean, some headsets are pretty heavy and become uncomfortable to wear after a certain period of time. The Corsair HS70 headset is also equipped with an FPS profile in their Corsair Utility Engine software, which enables you to enjoy 7.1 surround sound vibrancy throughout whenever you play a game. And the impressive bit about this engine software is that it works efficiently in all types of games delivering high quality sounds regardless of the genre.

Another impressive feature that comes with this headset is that it still connects well even when you are 30 feet away from the connected gaming device. This serves as an advantage as you don’t have to sit too close to your PC or PlayStation 4.


  • It is very light.
  • Great connectivity distance.
  • High quality surround sound.
  • Great bass for gaming.


  • CUE software is only compatible with windows.


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How does Razer Nari Essential and Corsair HS 70 compare?


One of the key features that comes with gaming headsets nowadays is their microphones. This is because it enables you to easily communicate especially when you are playing online multiplayer games with your friends. The Corsair HS70 is equipped with a noise cancelling microphone which does not come with the Razer Nari Essential headset. This feature enables the Corsair HS70 microphone to filter out any noise around you which facilitates effective communication every time you are gaming with friends.

However, some of us don’t prefer having this microphones especially when you don’t need to use them as it makes the headset feel bulky. The good news is, the Corsair HS70 also comes with a removable microphone as compared to the Nari Essential headset that only comes with a retractable microphone. This allows you to use the headset without the microphone if you find it as a distraction especially when you are gaming solo.


You’ll agree with me that technology has really been evolving over the years, and it’s no different when it comes to these gaming headsets. The Razer Nari Essential gaming headset has a more functional design as compared to the design of the Corsair HS70. This is because it comes with an open back design that allows sound to pass through the cups of the headset which enables you to enjoy raw sound at its purest form. It also helps to protect your ears from harm if you constantly use the headsets on high volume. The Corsair HS70 headset on the other hand, comes with a closed back design.


Anyone who decides to get headsets always has one thought in mind, and that is sound! The Corsair HS70 is a very impressive gaming headset when it comes to sound. I mean, the Razer Nari Essental is pretty good as well but not as good as the HS70. This is because the Corsair HS70 consists of a passive noise reduction feature that doesn’t come with the Razer Nari Essential headset. One major benefit about this feature is that it locks out noise around your environment which enables you to enjoy pure surround sound. It also prevents the sound in the headset from escaping the ear cups.


The design of the Razer Nari Essential is definitely amongst the major selling points of tis wireless gaming headset due to its impressive functionality. However, in this comparison the Corsair HS70 is the overall winner as compared to the Razer Nari Essential. This is because it not only provides you with slightly better surround sound, but also comes with a more practical microphone that is very useful.


Is the Razer Nari Essential headset wireless?

Well, this gaming headset comes with both options as you can either connect the normal headphone jack or use Bluetooth connection.

What is the maximum connectivity range of the Corsair HS70?

This headset can connect up to 30 feet away from where you are.

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