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Razer leviathan vs. Logitech z623

Turn your home into a theater by getting the right gaming speaker. If you enjoy PC games, you need to invest in a speaker that can boost the experience.

Some of the models you will come across as you search for a good gaming speaker include the Razer leviathan and Logitech z623. Both of these are quality speakers that can immerse you into gaming as they produce excellent sound. They make games more enjoyable to play from a desktop. Logitech z623 and Razer Leviathan may serve the same purpose, but they do this differently. Read through this to find out how these two gaming speakers compare so that you can select the right one for a PC or console.

Razer leviathan vs. Logitech z623

Razer leviathan
Logitech z623
5.1 Surround surround
3 x 19 x 2 inches
9 x 3 x 4 inches
Bluetooth connectivity
Maximum output power
60 W
400 W
9.6 pounds
1 KG
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Razer leviathan vs. Logitech z623- Comparison overview

Razer leviathan

Razer leviathan vs. Logitech z623

Though most 5. 1 gaming speakers are hard to install, this is not the case with Razer Leviathan. You can set it up in about 2 minutes and start enjoying amazing sounds. It is a small speaker that can easily fit beneath your game console, TV, or monitor.

One of the features that make this gaming speaker perform well is the use of Dolby technology. You should expect the package to include a dedicated subwoofer that can enhance the bass. This subwoofer is also tuned to minimize distortions that are common around low frequencies. The speaker also comes with different control buttons that you can use to reduce the volume or even switch between movie or game equalizer presets.

Razer Leviathan also features four optimized drivers that make the set up a breeze. It is one of the gaming speakers that support Bluetooth connectivity, thus giving you the chance to connect different devices wirelessly. Ensure that the devices are within a range of 30 feet to avoid any issues.

There is also the option of connecting it through wires if you don’t want to use the wireless connection. During the installation, you should use the available connection features to set it up. Some of them include an audio input, a power connector, and an extra port that allows you to connect the available subwoofer.


  • Has a dedicated subwoofer
  • 1 soundbar
  • You can mount it easily
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity


  • The subwoofer produces a heavy bass
  • It lacks a remote control

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Logitech z623

 Home Speaker System

A good gaming speaker should deliver captivating sound to give you an immersive experience as you play different games. This is what you should expect from picking Logitech z623. This is designed with THX sound and uses the 2.1 system. It gives you great audio to help you enjoy playing music or watching movies from different platforms.

It comes with a subwoofer, which offers a great bass experience as the main speaker creates an excellent stereo effect. The right satellite features the bass, volume, and power controls and can connect to the subwoofer through a cable. The speaker on the left connects to the sub-woofer through a phone plug. Both satellite speakers contain rubber feet that prevent them from vibrating on your desk as you listen to music at high volume.

Even if you have never used a gaming speaker before, you should not have any problems with the Logitech z623 since it is beginner-friendly. To install it, you will need an audio source such as a gaming console, TV, or PC. Look for the appropriate port to connect this speaker to your device and start to enjoy excellent audio.

Logitech z623 also impresses many people since it allows you to connect up to three devices simultaneously. Since this speaker supports various inputs, it gives you the liberty to switch between multiple devices without going through a complex rewiring process. Though the speaker is small, you should not underestimate it since the subwoofer can deliver a peak power of 400W. Since the controls are quick to access, you can easily fine-tune the Logitech z623 according to your preferences.


  • Has a powerful subwoofer
  • Supports up to three connections at a go
  • Delivers a clear sound
  • Installing and controlling it is a breeze


  • The connection cables are weak and short
  • Has a big sub-woofer

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The differences between Logitech z623 and Razer Leviathan


If you lack enough space for a speaker, you should choose Logitech z623. This is a small-sized speaker that is based on the 2.1 system. Though Razer leviathan is a large speaker, it can give you an enhanced gaming experience since it is based on the 5.1 system. When it comes to speaker configurations, Razer Leviathan wins since it can deliver a more immersive experience than Logitech z623.

Features and technology

When you start shopping for a gaming speaker, you should try to find out the features in each model. The technology used in different speakers can also help you figure out how well a speaker can perform. Choosing a speaker that uses advanced technology and has multiple features should be a priority.

Razer Leviathan stands out in this since it comes with multiple inputs and allows you to connect different devices through Bluetooth. The manufacturer of Razer leviathan also includes NFC technology that facilitates the fast pairing of devices and Dolby technology. This speaker also uses surround surround technology that enables you to hear everything happening around you.

Though Logitech z623 also has various inputs, it only offers the wired connection option. It does not use advanced technology such as Bluetooth or Dolby. This makes the Logitech z623 less superior to Razer Leviathan.


You can also tell these two speakers apart by focusing on their designs. Razer Leviathan comes with single speaker design. You can conveniently place this soundbar under your monitor. Thanks to this design, the gaming speaker can give you enhanced audio without cluttering your desk.

Logitech z623, on the other hand, comes with a single subwoofer and two satellite speakers. You cannot place either of these components beneath the monitor but can place them on either side of your desk. Most gamers are impressed with the unique design of the Razer Leviathan, which is better than that of Logitech z623.


Though both of these are high performing speakers, Razer Leviathan goes the extra mile. This gaming speaker can deliver a rich bass sound that rarely gets distorted even in high volumes. It contains optimized drivers that enhance its performance. Logitech z623 also delivers a deep rich sound, but it is not as good as what you get from Razer Leviathan. Razer Leviathan is a better performer than Logitech z62.

Conclusion: Razer leviathan vs. Logitech z623

We took our time to compare Razer Leviathan against Logitech z623 since we wanted a speaker to fulfill our every need. During our comparison, we discovered that Razer Leviathan stands out not only in its design but also in performance. It comes with a soundbar that can take up less space and is made with advanced technology. We liked how this speaker connects different devices through Bluetooth and how fast it pairs thanks to the NFC technology. Since it uses the 5.1 system, this model is better than Logitech z623 since it delivers a more immersive experience. All this made us choose Razer Leviathan as the clear winner.

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