Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 Review

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 Review

Graphics cards such as the Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 are the types of hardware responsible for the images produced on your screen during gaming. Their main objective is to convert data into a language that the monitor can understand; important to note is that some computers are built with a graphics card capability on the motherboard but those that lack, use the likes of Nvidia Geforce for translation.

Graphics cards create images out of binary data and to accomplish the task, the units require assistance from about four parts of the computer. And these are the processor used to decide on what to do with each of the pixels on the screen, the monitor is used to transmit the converted information and the motherboard provides the connection for power while the memory is used to store information of each of the pixels and the completed pictures.

So what goes into the selection of a good graphics card, the first things to look out for are the processor and memory capacity. Gaming computers and those used for 3D graphics work are demanding when it comes to power and performance and that is what makes them different from the ordinary computers that are primarily used for emailing and word processing.

So, as you comb the markets for a good graphics card check its frame rate, the latter is the number of complete images that the card can display per second, and if you have plans of engaging the fast action games then a frame rate of about 60fps would be excellent for smooth animation and scrolling.

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 Review

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 Review

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 is one of the five Geforce GTX 900 series graphics cards that are powered with the Maxwell architecture. The flagship graphics card in the 900 series was the Geforce GTX 980 Ti that has incorporated an unbeatable 4K performance complete with innovative technologies meant to offer users an immersive virtual reality experience.

We will, however, zero in on the Geforce GTX 960, which is an upgrade meant to advance the levels of gaming performance. The graphics card has been packed with a lot of power for efficiency and to offer realistic gameplay.

What to expect from the Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960

If you are looking to invest in a new graphics card then you must ensure that it is an upgrade from your computer’s current card, so that it can increase performance. And once you start using it especially for gaming you will realize that your computer’s gaming ability has been boosted and the computer’s memory has been freed. So what does the Nividia Geforce Gtx 960 offer in terms of resolution, speed, and performance?

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 is feature and technology-packed and there is so much to be desired from this unit, for one gaming enthusiasts will be treated to the holy grail of the gaming graphics “Ray tracing,” the above is the manipulation of light in a bid to create a life-like experience. The RTX feature is, therefore, designed to provide users with cinematic quality on the visually intense games.

The unit additionally offers high FPS remember that some competitive games require higher frame rates, Geforce therefore, provides you with up to 144 frames per second. The higher frame rates are important because they provide you with clear visuals so if you are in a competitive game then you stand the chance of hitting your target earlier.

The Geforce Gtx 960 graphics card

The Geforce Gtx 960 graphics card also allows users to broadcast, and users have, therefore, been provided with a dedicated hardware encoder that gives them the liberty to game and streams simultaneously. The above is thanks to the RTX graphics card that has been optimized to incorporate some of the streaming applications; users can, therefore, have the best engagement and performance during the live stream.

Another interesting innovative feature incorporated in this unit is the Nvidia Ansel, which is a game photo mode designed to capture 360, HDR, and the super-resolution photos. The graphics card also offers amazing detail as users can set up an ultimate 4K gaming experience with the Geforce RTX.

And thanks to the Nvidia G-Sync users will be presented with seamless tear-free gameplay complete with refresh rates of up to 240HZ with HDR. If you are a gamer and have been struggling with poor gaming display then the Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 will offer you the best gaming display. We can, therefore, say that the Geforce GTX 960 graphics card is a virtual reality unit that offers the highest performance graphics and delivers to your screen the most seamless and immersive experience.

Key features of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960

features of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960

The RT cores

The incorporated ray tracing feature on the Geforce GTX 960 has been designed to enable fast and real-time ray tracing. Users will, therefore, be exposed to lifelike shadows, refractions, and reflections.

In simpler terms is that ray tracing is a technology where developers create light in video games that closely resemble that of real-life and you will, therefore, find that some video games actually cast realistic shadows, and if you are keen you will notice that at times the virtual rays of light appear to bounce off objects while creating the life-like reflections.

The highly effective tensor cores

The above are meant to accelerate matrix operations that are foundational to AI. Nvidia has, therefore, been making graphic chips with more cores, and with hundreds of them quipped in one Nvidia Quadro GPU users can expect a massive increase in efficiency and throughput. So by using the Geforce GTX 960, you can expect to be furnished with a powerful Artificial Intelligence processing horsepower configured to accelerate the gaming performance.

Next-Gen Shading

Many people confuse shading with the overall screen resolution, which is actually different. So if your graphics card has a higher shading rate then you can expect more visual fidelity, and which consequently translates to more GPU cost. A lower shading rate on the other hand equally translates to a lower visual fidelity thus low GPU cost.

For the Geforce you will be treated to variable-rate shading designed to focus the processing power to areas of rich detail, it will also boost the overall performance without compromising on the perceived image quality.

Concurrent processing

This is a situation where multiple processors execute the provided instructions simultaneously for enhanced performance. For the Nvidia Geforce Gtx 960 concurrent processing has been enabled by the simultaneous floating-points which give power to the Turing Graphics Processing Unitss, to seamlessly process and compute-heavy workloads when users are engaging the new games.


  • The Geforce Gtx 960 graphics card does not draw a lot of power during gaming
  • The Graphics card does not run hot when compared to other cards of its standard
  • Installation is easy with available space
  • During use, the GPU is less noisy


  • Requires a lot of space for installation
  • The fan has a short life span and the frame rates are not as effective

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Final Verdict

The Nvidia Geforce is a powerful graphics card and has incorporated the latest technology to offer a seamless and powerful experience when it comes to gaming. A lot of consideration has been put on the performance features with the aim of offering a life-like experience.

Some of the interesting high-performance features are such as the incorporated RT cores, which enable fast real-time ray tracing. The card additionally allows concurrent processing thus the graphics can efficiently compute the heavy workloads available in some of the modern games, be aware, however, that this unit is rather big and will, therefore, occupy a lot of space in your system, installation is, however, a breeze.

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