Is the Arctis Pro without GameDAC worth it?

If you are already a fan of the Arctis Pro, you might wonder if using it alongside GameDAC is a good option – especially considering using GameDAC involves you investing more resources into it.

It can be difficult to find solid reviews of GameDAC, especially if you are searching for a more affordable version of the Arctis Pro. After all, gaming PCs and consoles are always in the hunt for greater trustworthiness, and this extends to gaming headsets as well.

The main advantage of getting GameDAC on your Arctis Pro is the choice to use more advanced audio processing, and you also have extra settings to customize your Arctis without installing the software itself. This will be very helpful to you, especially if you are a gamer or a sound engineer, because it ultimately provides value for your money.

What is GameDAC anyway, and how does it work?

DAC is an acronym that stands for digital audio converter, or digital to analog converter. Unless the sound source is a tape or cassette, all audio devices have some form of DAC. The only problem is that the DACs in use are not equal everywhere, and the conversion process can experience errors.

Some of these errors manifest as noise or harmonic distortion, and using GameDAC reduces the distortion because it has less THD+N and reduces it to as little as 0.0032%.

Why should you get the GameDAC alongside your Arctis Pro headset?

All gaming headsets seek to improve their quality; and Arctis Pro is not different. When paired with GameDAC, it takes the best attributes of the Arctis, and adds a converter that changes digital signals to analog – and that vastly improves the audio files in high resolution, as well as tweaking all your Equalizer settings as much as you want.

Some attributes of the Arctis Pro that are improved through GameDAC include:


Fidelity has everything to do with sound quality, and using GameDAC means you get higher fidelity because of lower distortion and noise. That also allows you to get the best punchy bass and high vocals, enhancing your hearing experience.

Hi-res audio

In a typical headset, the audio works on the principle of a bit rate, which is defined as the extent of audio compression. The higher the bit rate, the less the compression, and the greater the sound. However, hi-res (high resolution) audio works on bit depth and sampling rate, and GameDAC increases the hi-res audio quality.


When using the Arctis Pro without GameDAC, the setup is a wireless one – so instead, you rely on two batteries that each have a life of 10 hours, and you can swap them if you need to. However, the Arctis Pro with GameDAC is wired at all times, so there is no need to worry about battery life.

Comparison between Arctis Pro without GameDAC and Arctis Pro with GameDAC

Arctis Pro without GameDAC
Arctis Pro with GameDAC
Transmission setup and mode
Wireless (use of batteries)
1.5 lbs.
1.2 lbs.
Connection type
Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz lossless
3.5mm, Optical cable, USB

Key takeaways

Depending on what you are searching for in the Arctis Pro, then you should consider these factors if you do not want to spend extra money on GameDAC:

  • The sound quality you want to achieve
  • The transmission mode and setup – whether you want a wired or wireless connection
  • The type of connection you wish to use

Final thoughts

In conclusion, getting the GameDAC on your Arctis Pro is not always necessary – but keep in mind that it does improve your options for audio processing at higher resolution, such as adding PS4 input.

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