Gtx 1660 super

Gtx 1660 super review

Do you enjoy PC gaming? If yes, you should look for an excellent graphics card that can produce smooth images. One of the popular options that most people choose today is Gtx 1660 super.

Since computers keep on evolving, some of the components get outdated within a short time. If you are a fan of modern games, you have probably faced issues such as lagging and increased load times. Since games are a big burden to your PC, you need to upgrade some of the PC components, including the graphics card. Experts recommend you go for Gtx 1660 super.

This is a relatively affordable graphics card that can enhance your gaming setup. If you enjoy playing games such as CS: GO or League of Legends, this graphics card was designed with you in mind. Most people choose it since it outperforms graphics cards such as the standard GTX 1660 and matches the capabilities of GTX 1660 Ti. Choosing this graphics card can help you save some cash while you enjoy high gaming performance. It offers excellent video quality and comes with numerous features that can enhance your experience.

What you should expect from Gtx 1660 super


This is a graphics card that occupies a great spot in the industry. It comes from one of the leading manufacturers of graphics cards known as Nvidia. Gtx 1660 super not only looks good but also comes with some impressive features that you will appreciate when playing 3D games. It is one of the graphics cards that show that memory matters a lot. This graphics card offers better video memory compared to other models and is faster.

You should also expect a 1080p performance from this graphics card. Choosing it can give you value for your cash since it outperforms most of the models available. With Gtx 1660 super, you can even run tough games even at ultra-quality levels without experiencing any problems. It offers smooth gameplay with minimal graphical compromises. It is capable of accommodating high power needs.

Apart from that, most customers like the option of choosing this graphics card from different designs. If, for instance, you don’t have a lot of room in your computer, feel free to go for the slimline option. Larger Gtx 1660 super graphics cards also exist, thus enhancing convenience.

The key features available in Gtx 1660 super


The graphics processing unit is the main feature of any graphics card. It is responsible for creating the visuals that you get to see on your screen. Gtx 1660 super comes with a powerful graphics processing unit that takes data that comes from the central processing unit then changes it into imagery. Most of the high definition games often contain complex visuals. They, therefore, need a quicker and sophisticated GPU. Since Gtx 1660 super graphics card has a powerful graphics processing unit, it can help you enjoy quality visuals as you play HD games.

Before you buy this graphics card, you should be aware that it is not upgraded with a different core. Just like the original Gtx 1660, this graphics card comes with the TU116 GPU. It also features 1408 Cuda cores and 22 streaming processors. The Turing GPU in this graphics card follows the NVidia’s standards. Unfortunately, the GPU of this model lacks Tensor and RT cores present in other graphics cards. Though it is possible to enable ray tracing in this graphics card, it turns a game into a slideshow.


As you choose a graphics card, you have to pay attention to the memory. This is an important feature that determines the kind of resolutions you should expect while playing games. Since Gtx 1660 super comes with 6GB memory, it can help you play different games at a high resolution. If, for instance, you enjoy a game such as Skyrim, you need to choose a graphics card that has impressive memory since this game has large texture packs.

Video memory

One of the factors that directly impact the performance of a graphics card is video memory. A processor requires a great volume of memory with lots of bandwidth for buffer data, reading textures and vertices. When a graphics card does not have sufficient memory, it may not perform well. Gtx 1660 super contains memory chips around the GPU. It comes with 14 Gbps video memory. This gives it the ability to store different forms of data, including buffers, vertices, and textures.

Since modern games contain high video memory needs, getting a graphics card that is not limiting is crucial. Gtx 1660 super does not disappoint when it comes to this. It is faster than some of the Gtx 1660 variants. For instance, straight GTX 1660 has a video memory of 8Gbps, while Gtx 1660 Ti features 12 Gbps video memory.

Memory bandwidth

When comparing different graphics cards, you should also pay attention to the memory bandwidth. This is a crucial feature that determines the data amount that can be transferred from or to memory per unit. The memory bandwidth depends on both the memory bus width and memory clock rate. GTX 1660 super graphics card has a memory bandwidth of 336 GB/s. This represents the speed in which the graphics core is capable of reading and writing data from video memory.

Due to its high memory bandwidth, the card can read geometry data and texture fast, leading to high performance. Most people also choose this graphics card since it offers higher memory bandwidth than other graphics cards.

Memory bus width

We earlier mentioned that this one of the features that affect the memory bandwidth in a graphics card. When a graphics card features a wider bus, it can easily transfer data to GPU from video memory. This impacts the overall performance of the graphics card. While some of the graphics cards feature memory bus width of 128-bit, GTX 1660 super features a 192-bit bus. It can, therefore, transfer a lot of data per second.

GPU clock rate

The clock rate of a graphics card is measured in Megahertz. This feature has an impact on the GPU performance of the graphics card. Gtx 1600 super features clock rate of 1785 Mhz. Since the GPU clock rate is high, this graphics card can process more pixels and vertices per second.

Frame rate

Most of the modern games that people play today provide 3D action. The only way you can, however, enjoy a good experience while playing such games is if you invest in a good graphics card. You can enjoy crisp images if your PC is capable of delivering such details at an excellent frame rate.

The frame rate is the precise number of times different games can refresh the images you get to see. In graphics cards, this figure is usually expressed as FPS or frames per second. Since Gtx 1660 super features 41 frames per second, it can help you receive crisp images on your screen. It is better than its predecessor, GTX 1660, which features 38 fps.


You should also be keen on the number of raster operation units a graphics card contains. Gtx 1660 super contains 48 ROPs. These are designed to write computed pixels into the buffers and then blend them. The ROP performance has a direct impact on the fill rate, which is a crucial feature in most graphics cards. The high number of ROPs in this graphics card makes it faster than other models.


Compared to other graphics cards, some people feel that Gtx 1660 super is a bit limiting in terms of the ports available. This graphics card contains HDMI, Display, and DVI ports. The HDMI carries audio and video signals, while the Displayport can also carry other data forms. We wish that this graphics card could have an additional HDMI port or a USB-C port.


  • It is an excellent 1080P gaming graphics card
  • You can choose it from either small or large designs
  • The graphics card is quite affordable
  • It does not overheat


  • Some people find the available ports to be limiting
  • It lacks RT cores

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Final word

If you are searching for a graphics card that can boost your gaming experience, Gtx 1660 super will not disappoint. This works better than the original Gtx 1660 variant and works as good as Gtx 1660 Ti. It emulates some of the great qualities of its predecessor and adds better features to deliver enhanced graphics performance. Choosing this graphics card is a great decision you can make since it can save your cash.

Most people like it since it can handle 1080p gaming even at high levels. 1080p is the standard resolution that is used in PC gaming. You should expect better video memory from this graphics card and excellent speed. The impressive memory of this graphics card makes it possible for you to play different games at even higher resolutions such as 1440p. Though this graphics card does not have a lot of ports, it allows you to play most modern 3D games with minimal issues. Gtx 1660 super is a highly competitive graphics card that you should consider buying.

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