GPU Making Buzzing Noise Under Load

GPU Making Buzzing Noise Under Load – How to Fix

For as much this subject is disconcerting there is no cause for alarm because the audible vibrations are a result of the high powered components incorporated in the modern gaming PCs. We do agree that the constant buzz is distracting but be informed that the noise emanates from the normal operations of your PC and the graphics card.

However, some graphics cards tend to be quieter, and you might be wondering what makes them different from the noisy GPU’s. So, given that a large number of the graphics cards tend to be noisy the problem is in their manufacture, remember that GPUs do consume large amounts of power, and the incorporated coils and caps have reduced in size and are less insulated.

Additionally, the displays that the GPU’s are to coincide with have been made with higher refresh rates, so in most cases, the buzz in the GPU is a result of coil whine as power passes through it. If we are to explore this subject from a different angle that most people would be quick to jump to is the GPU load.

If your GPU is making a buzzing noise while under load then it is only normal for you to suspect that the current running load is impacting the GPU negatively. Well, the above is not entirely true because if you are to get a high performance from your graphics card when playing games then your GPU usage should be about 100%. The above then means that if you are getting a lesser percentage then you could be suffering from a low GPU usage problem.

The above then translates to low performance in games and less FPS, a 99% load means that your GPU is being used fully as it should.

How to fix the buzzing noise in your GPU under load

The distinct buzzing noise from your GPU becomes more evident whenever you engage the GPU intensive games and applications; this also means that it is sort of not too big a problem for the manufacturers to be rolling their heads over.

So if you are at a point where you feel like the buzz is making you go nuts, there as some quick fixes that will be mentioned as we approach the end of this article, but which you will be done at your own risk as they are not professionally recommended.

Replace the Graphics card

GPU Making Buzzing Noise Under Load

As unrealistic as it sounds this could be a good remedy for the annoying buzz if you are not on a budget. Don’t think about your warranty because the unit is not faulty; so, your supplier might not agree to this, but if the return window is yet to close and you feel that you cannot stand the irritation from the buzz just return it and comb the markets for a quieter one.

Dampen the unit

As you get your pc, check for the casing because some come with a noise dampening material on the casing, so you won’t hear any sort of vibration or sound. In essence, therefore, is that a bare aluminum or steel casing will be your worst nightmare when it comes to subduing the noise levels but a high-density foam or fabric incorporated on the casing will help maintain the required quietness as you engage the GPU intensive applications.

Alternatively, you can invest in a completely new casing for your PC and get a professional to swap the components if you can’t handle it, but if you can do it yourself even better, just ensure that the graphics card and RAM get fitted in their respective positions.

Use headphones

Use headphones

If the buzzing noise from your graphics cards is driving you nuts just put on the sound filtering headphones and continue with your business.

Avoid the cards or ignore the buzzing noise

This option is for the sensitive ears, and if you totally can’t stand the buzz just don’t by the graphics cards, some people are good at ignoring things, so what you do is that you try and concentrate on the task at hand, give your brain something to think about instead of focusing on the sound which tends to become louder by the minute.

Invest in cables

Without peace of mind no work will proceed, so if you are bent on finding peace at any cost then position your pc in another room and run the cables to a different room where the noise doesn’t reach.

Do background research of the graphics card

Reviews help a lot when it comes to purchasing electronic equipment because you get to learn from the mistakes of others and consequently avoid the pitfalls. And if you are going to purchase the graphics card ensure that you get them from a retailer that has an established return policy in place or have your retailer recommend for you a quieter graphics card.

Avoid the GPU intensive games

If you are having trouble finding a quiet graphics card then you might have to engage the less GPU intensive applications like the old games. Besides it is not like the noise is going to be there permanently, which then means that on other occasions, it may not be noticeable thus the best thing to do is t learn to ignore it.

Other options

Well, we promised you other options to help with the noise in the GPU but which are likely to cause more harm than good. Some people use nail polish and will, therefore, inject it in the area where the noise seems to be so persistent and while this option might have worked for some it is not recommended neither it is safe, but it is a low budget short term solution.

For the above you have to patient enough and let the clear nail polish dry, also be precise, you don’t want the polish all over your graphics card lest it stops working and that is the reason why you will need to use an injector.

Other successful remedies are such as the use of hot glue, remember that the above does not conduct electricity and works like the clear nail polish. Desperate cases include the use of rubber bands in between the coil to act as a noise dampener and on extreme highly un-recommended cases is the use of bubble gum to soundproof.

Tips on choosing the right graphics card

It might be extremely hard to find a quiet graphics card but its other innovative features could make you put up with the occasional buzzing noise.

Memory space

More memory means that you will be able to work with the 4k resolution; you will, therefore, find that the improved cards have incorporated a memory space of about 8GB or more. In essence, is that if your graphics card can perform faster then you will experience advanced graphical effects and better detail due to faster performance.

Consider the clock speed of the graphics card

Remember that when your graphics card is operating under heavy load, it will run at a higher clock speed to offer the best performance.

Consider the numbers of cores

The numbers of cores in your graphics card are important in determining the overall rendering power of the card, and which vary in the different cards. Cores in a graphics card are necessary for processing data fed in and out of the GPU, they, therefore, help to perform the game graphics calculations, which are then resolved visually to the user.


The buzzing noise emanating from your graphics card is not because it is faulty but rather the operations of the GPU as it engages the intensive applications. The noise is produced when the coil vibrates against the ring, most of the time the noise is barely audible but on certain occasions, the vibrations can be audible and irritating.

GPU Making Buzzing Noise Under Load
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GPU Making Buzzing Noise Under Load
How to fix the buzzing noise in your GPU under load
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