best speakers for Alienware aurora

Best speakers for Alienware aurora

Do you enjoy gaming and have invested in the Alienware aurora desktop? You need to get the best speakers that can boost your gaming experience.

Since most people spend their free time playing games on such desktops, the demand for gaming equipment is high. One of the compulsory accessories that you should get for the Alienware aurora desktop is a speaker. The best speakers for Alienware aurora can make your gaming setup complete since they can deliver quality sound. Gaming is not only about visuals but also audio. Since these two go hand in hand, you should take your time to find the best speakers for your desktop.

The numerous models available sometimes make it confusing for buyers. When you are buying gaming speakers for the first time, you should understand the crucial features to watch out for and focus on popular brands. Our guide will discuss some of the highly ranked speakers for Alienware aurora that you should consider to simplify your work. Enjoy!

Comparison table for the best speakers for Alienware aurora

Wireless/ Wired
System setup
Call to action
Razer Leviathan
9 pounds
Logitech Z906
36 pounds
Razer Nommo Chroma
4.4 pounds
Tao Tronics
1.9 pounds
Logitech G560
12 pounds
Creative Pebble Plus
5.4 pounds

Reviews of the best speakers for Alienware aurora

Razer Leviathan

powerful subwoofer

Do you prefer bass-heavy sound when playing games from your desktop? If yes, you should consider getting this speaker for Alienware aurora. This is a powerful soundbar that can help you save on space in your home or small office. It can connect through a Bluetooth component or an audio jack that is 3.5 mm. Razer Leviathan is a versatile speaker that is less messy since you no longer have to use different cables to enjoy excellent audio while gaming.


  • Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Drivers: 2.5 full range
  • Dedicated subwoofer

It comes with an impressive design that looks cool in your home. Though this speaker is small, you should not underestimate it since it is quite powerful and can meet your gaming needs. Many users of Alienware aurora choose this speaker since it delivers immersive audio. It makes use of Dolby technology. You can also switch devices easily using the equalizers available in this speaker. The manufacturer also uses NFC technology to allow it to pair within seconds.


  • The design makes it a space-saving speaker
  • It makes use of Dolby edge technology
  • You don’t need to use multiple cables since this speaker can connect through Bluetooth
  • Comes with equalizers for music and gaming


  • It is not ideal for the living room

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Logitech Z906

best speakers for Alienware aurora

Get an immersive gaming experience by choosing a speaker that can deliver fantastic sounds. One of the reasons why this Logitech speaker ranks highly is due to its 5.1 audio system. Whether you prefer playing games or listening to music through Alienware aurora desktop, you should expect to enjoy powerful and crisp audio while using this speaker.


  • Audio system: 5.1
  • It is THX certified
  • Wireless remote
  • 1000 W peak
  • Weight: 36 pounds

This system features numerous inputs to give you the chance to connect different devices at the same time. If you prefer connecting devices wirelessly, you should make use of the available Bluetooth adapter. This Logitech speaker can complement your Alienware aurora desktop since it comes in an attractive design that makes it look good in your home.

The box comes with at least five speakers, an amplifier, and a subwoofer. It is a good speaker that you can use with Alienware aurora for high-end gaming. Since this speaker is THX certified, you should expect excellent cinema-quality sound from it. Mounting the speaker should not be problematic.


  • It offers impressive sound clarity
  • Comes in an elegant design
  • Has a booming bass


  • It is not pocket friendly

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Razer Nommo Chroma

best speakers for Alienware aurora

The best speakers for Alienware aurora should deliver great sound, and Razer Nommo Chroma does not disappoint. Though this speaker is small, it is mighty equipment that can complete your gaming setup. It produces not only great sound but also has captivating lighting effects. Feel free to customize this lighting through downloadable software.

If you only have minimal space next to the Alienware aurora desktop, you will appreciate the compact design of the Razer Nommo Chroma. The speaker comes as a pair and has integrated stands that encourage standalone styling. It comes as a brushed black cylindrical speaker that contains some plastic components.


  • Optimized drivers
  • Bass ports
  • Bass knob for control
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds.

The manufacturer of this speaker focuses not only on aesthetics but also on giving you a speaker that will make you enjoy gaming through your desktop. You should therefore expect excellent sound quality as you use this speaker with Alienware aurora. Though the package fails to include a subwoofer, the speaker contains a bass port that enhances the overall sound. When you are playing games with many rumblings, this speaker tries to reduce the vibration impact.

You can also fine-tune the speakers according to your preference through the bass and volume dials. The use of Synapse software enables you to tweak the EQ settings according to your style. Feel free to modify the lighting effects during gaming through the speaker’s menu. Each of the speakers also contains a full range driver and a rubberized bottom base that prevents the speaker from moving. Your package also includes a USB cable that you can use to connect your PC.


  • It offers excellent sound clarity
  • You can personalize the lighting
  • It combines well with different hardware
  • Comes in a sleek design


  • It fails to include an input selection button

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Tao Tronics

mini speaker for pc

The beautiful design of this speaker is among the first things that many potential buyers notice during shopping. Tao Tronics has a silver and black finish that makes it stand out among other speakers for Alienware aurora. Feel free to buy this speaker for your desktop. It even comes with at least three equalizer modes that allow you to modify the sound output based on the kind of room you are in. It also comes with a volume knob that includes some LED accents.


  • Equalizer modes
  • LEDs on the volume knob
  • Jack input: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

Choosing this speaker can help you enjoy a crisp bass that does not cause a lot of distortion when listening to music. Many buyers are also impressed with the excellent quality and affordable price of this speaker. It can also help you save on space since it comes in a compact design. You can even fit it under your monitor. It produces a power of up to 10 Watts and impressive bass levels.

If you enjoy playing games at night, you can do this without disturbing anyone. The speaker allows you to plug some headphones and mic for such gaming sessions. It offers an output slot and a jack input for this. You should also notice the volume knob on the speaker that features some LED accents. Use this to control the volume while playing different PC games. It will also look good with your PC setup.


  • It comes in different colors
  • The speaker is small enough to fit under a monitor
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Elegant design
  • Offers decent sound quality


  • Some users reveal that this speaker produces static noise

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Logitech G560

 PC Gaming Speakers

Experienced gamers are always looking for the best speakers to use with their computers. If you are one of them, you should consider buying this Logitech speaker to use with the Alienware aurora desktop. You can choose this speaker from a variety of colors available. The sounds from this speaker synchronize well with the game action music and sound so that you can enjoy a more realistic action.

This speaker is based on DTS: X Ultra engine and has a fantastic amplifier. Since this speaker supports surround surround, it gives you the freedom to position it more creatively to give you a more immersive experience. Apart from using it with your PC, this speaker can also connect to other devices such as tablets or smartphones via Bluetooth.

The manufacturer also includes a complex lighting system in this speaker. It comes with four zones that contain some colorful LEDs. Though most users find the lights to be lovely, they can be a bit distracting when trying to focus on the game. This speaker, however, includes a button that lets you control the intensity of the lighting.


  • Lightsync RGB lighting
  • Peak power: 240 W
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Since this speaker is large, you should consider the amount of space you have in your home before purchasing. If you prefer gaming at night, you should utilize the headphone jack included or reduce the bass volume in the software.


  • It produces excellent sound
  • Robust software
  • Offers different lighting options


  • It does not have separate bass and volume control

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Creative Pebble Plus

 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

Are you in search of an affordable way to boost the audio of your Alienware aurora desktop? If yes, you should consider buying creative pebble plus. This speaker can deliver 2.1 audio experience at a pocket-friendly price.

Creative Pebble Plus comes with the right and left speaker, which have an eggshell-like finish. Each of the speakers includes drivers and a rubberized bottom to keep them steady on a flat surface. The manufacturer angles the drivers upwards so that they meet your ears. Thanks to this positioning, you can enjoy enhanced sound clarity while using this speaker alongside the Alienware Aurora desktop. On the bottom panel of the speaker, you will also notice a high low gain switch.


  • 8 Watts RMS
  • A subwoofer and two speakers
  • High gain mode
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds

Unfortunately, this is not a wireless speaker since it comes with multiple cables that you have to use to connect the device to it. As you set up this speaker next to your desktop, you should try to tuck some of the cables away to avoid a messy-looking desk. Most users reveal that the system sound is well balanced. This speaker can deliver rich sound so that you can enjoy gaming through your desktop.


  • The speaker comes with properly angled drivers
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Has an attractive design
  • Can boost your computer sound


  • Some users report white noise from this speaker
  • It does not contain a bass level knob

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Buying guide for the best speakers for Alienware aurora

Investing in the right speakers for Alienware aurora can help you enjoy gaming. Since there are so many speakers available, you need to use the right criteria to get the best speakers for your desktop. Start by considering the following.

Wired vs. Wireless speakers

One of the crucial factors that you have to figure out before settling for any speaker for your desktop is connectivity. While most modern speakers that can be used with Alienware aurora offer Bluetooth connectivity, some of the models can only be connected through cables.

Choosing a speaker that offers Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect different devices with ease.  Though most wired speakers are cheaper than wireless ones, they are hard to set up. They also make a desk appear messy and less organized.

Sound quality

The problem with some PC users is that they choose good looking speakers for their desktops but fail to focus on sound quality. If the speakers you get do not sound good, you may not enjoy using them for activities like gaming or listening to music through your desktop. You need to choose a speaker that can enhance sound.

Some of the factors that combine to improve the sound quality of a speaker include isolation pads, soundcards, and software. During shopping, you should listen to how different speakers sound so that you can choose one that guarantees excellent sound quality.


Apart from being an excellent accessory for your Alienware aurora desktop, the speaker’s aesthetics also matter. Since most speakers are placed in living rooms where everybody can see them, you should choose one that has a beautiful design.

This can add class to your home and complement your space. To boost the design, some of the speakers have lighting effects. While some people like this, others find them to be a bit distracting. If you choose such a speaker for your desktop, ensure you can adjust the lighting intensity.


Before you start looking for the best speakers for Alienware aurora, you should also think about where you wish to place them. Assess the amount of desk space you have in your home so that you don’t choose a huge speaker that will not fit. If your desk is full of equipment apart from the desktop, you should avoid getting a large-sized speaker.

Most of the speakers for Alienware aurora come in pairs and need adequate space to accommodate them. Do not forget to consider your living conditions before buying such a speaker. If you want to place it in a rented home with thin walls, you may disturb your neighbors during your gaming sessions.


As you compare different speakers for Alienware aurora, you should also pay attention to the controls each model comes with. While some of the models have simple control features, others give you more advanced options. The simple speakers come with a volume knob and off/on buttons, while advanced models include extra dials. Decide on the level of control you need from a speaker so that you can choose the right one.


Since speakers for Alienware aurora desktop come at different price points, you can quickly get one that is within your budget. Shop around online can help you compare speakers as you focus on their quality and features.


What do the numbers 2.0 and 5.1 refer to in speakers for desktops?

These numbers are used to describe the system setup of different speakers. 2.0, for instance, indicates two speakers but no subwoofer. 5. 1 indicates five satellites and a subwoofer.

What is Alienware aurora?

This is a desktop that is mostly used for gaming. Since it is a customizable desktop, you need to get speakers that can boost the audio.

Apart from the desktop, can you use speakers with other devices?

Yes. Some speakers allow you to connect other devices apart from a desktop, such as a tablet or a smartphone for more functions.


Whether you enjoy playing games or listening to music through the Alienware aurora, having a decent speaker can boost the experience. Since finding the best speakers for the computer can be challenging for a first-time buyer, we have reviewed some of the models you should consider. The above speakers contain design features that can boost sound quality during gaming. Through this review, you can learn how each of them differs. Also, pay attention to the factors we have highlighted above since they can help you choose the right speakers for the desktop. All the best!

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