Best L Shaped Gaming DeskModern Corner L Shaped desk 

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

The L-Shaped gaming desk is ideal for gaming because it rarely takes up much of the space in your room, and can still accommodate other equipment that you might want to use with your pc. Some of the corner desks have incorporated shelves on the underside, providing convenient storage space for books and your CPU.

If you have never used an L-shaped gaming desk before, picking the perfect one can be mind-numbing, so just to highlight a few pointers, is that you will be looking out for height adjustability, however, not all of them are adjustable. You will also need sufficient storage space, as it will be pointless to invest in a gaming desk that will eat up a considerable amount of space in your living room and be used for only one function.

The shape and size of your gaming desk is equally an important aspect to consider, in relation to the available space. Now to make your work easier, we have sampled some of the L-shaped gaming desks to help you make an informed choice before spending your hard-earned cash.

Comparison Table for the Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

Manufacture material
Call to Action
GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk PC
Assembled height 29.13 inches, Width-44.3, Length- 58.1 inches
Engineered wood
Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped desk
29″ H x 51″ L x 20″ W
Metal and Glass
Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8″ Computer Corner Desk, Home Gaming Desk,
(50.8″+50.8″)(W)  18.2″(D) x 29.5″(H)
P2 MDF Board + Thicker Steel
L Shaped Desk Home Office Desk Coleshome Computer Desk
60″(L) x 20″(W) & 45″(L) x 20″(W)
E1 Particle Board + Sturdy Metal Frames
Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped gaming Desk


66.14 x 49.21 x 29.13 inches
E1 Board + Thicker Steel

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk Overview

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk PC  Perfect gaming desk for limited space

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

The L-shaped office desk from Green Forest is perfect for people who have limited space, out of the box the unit comes with the necessary assembly tool, which is the screwdriver. The desk comfortably accommodates two monitors and a printer if you wish to, thanks to the large and spacious desktop.


  • Overall dimensions are 58.1‘’ (L) x 44.3″(W) x 29.13″(H), 19.1 inch
  •  Can accommodate up to 3 computers
  •  Item weight 37.2 pounds

If you are just starting out and are looking for a sizeable office desk that will double up as your gaming unit then the Green Forest L-shaped corner desk will suffice here is why- for one, the desk is made from the newest environmental P2 particle board which is environment friendly. The desk has shunned the use of MDF and the incorporated plates are, therefore, scratch-resistant and moisture-proof.

The desk is additionally stable because of the orientation of the legs and the durable material used in the construction of the metal legs. The black paint used prevents rust development and does not peel, the overall black color complements most home décor, and you can easily match it with your gaming chair. Instructions for installation are provided on the carton.


  • Convenient for limited space
  • The legs are rust and peel proof thanks to the high-quality paint
  • Installation instructions have been provided
  • Can take up to two monitors


  • Users complain of poor quality wood used in construction
  • Setting the unit up for use is hard


Gaming desks are not things that we buy day in day out like a bag of potato chips, our best advice would be to contact the seller and ask for the actual image of what they are selling and a video of how to assemble before paying.

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Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped desk  contemporary spacious L-shaped gaming desk

Modern Corner L Shaped desk 

The walker Edison L-shaped desk unlike the previously discussed model is equipped with a lot of desktop space, allowing users to place more than two computers at the same time. Care is primary when using the desk as you risk breaking the glass.


  • Item weight 57 pounds
  • Product dimensions 20 x 51 x 29 inches
  • Up to 30 days manufacturer warranty

The modern glass gaming desk has incorporated a keyboard tray, which makes typing or interacting with the monitor even easier, gamers also get a CPU stand that they can attach on whichever side that they chose; the desktop space is large enough for a couple of monitors, books and even décor. What’s more is that the leg design is not limiting and you can, therefore, fit your seat and move from one side to the other with ease.

The metal used is strong thus enhances stability during use, assembly is a breeze but care has to be taken not to break the glass. Apart from the sufficient legroom, at the back you can use cables, that will flow at the back without restrictions. The L-shaped Walker Edison gaming table will disappear into the corner without interfering with the activities going on in the room and the black color is perfect for complementing the overall décor.


  • Contemporary designed
  • Has a spacious desktop
  • Has two switchable pieces
  • Easy to assemble


  • The use of glass is tricky as it is brittle for the CPU’S
  • Short warranty period


The incorporated glass desktop is a challenge for many, and therefore, calls for being very cautious in terms of placement and use. To avoid problems don’t think of putting your CPU on top of it, position should be in areas with less traffic and activity.

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Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8″ Computer Corner Desk, Office Writing Workstation  Versatile, stable, and spacious l-shaped gaming desk.

Computer Corner Desk, Office Writing Workstation  

Mr. IronStone L-Shaped can double up as an office desk when fully attached; alternatively, you can separate it into two sides and expand the desktop surface area. The sturdy frame that extends up to the legs is made of strong durable material and can, therefore, support up to 3 monitors without collapsing.


  • Weight 43.2 pounds
  • Thicken Board: 0.59″
  • Height from floor to desktop, 29.5″

At only $145, Mr stone will offer you stability and versatility; the foot area features an X design that enhances the stability and durability of the gaming desk; the unit will also be able to bear the pressure exerted by the three computers. At the foot, you will find an adjustable footpad which helps to ensure that the gaming desk remains stable on uneven ground.

And if by any chance you need to use your monitor at an enhanced angle, then simply fix the monitor shelf on the gaming desk at the side that you are most comfortable with, which is either on the right or the left. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped gaming desk has a spacious desktop, which apart from accommodating the monitors it can additionally be used with the keyboards and the mouse.


  • Comes with a space-saving monitor shelf
  • Can be used as a study table or a gaming equipment
  • Assembly is simple
  • lots of legroom and desktop space


  • Does not come with a manual for instructions
  • Highly-priced


Apart from being used as a gaming table, Mr. Iron L-Shaped gaming desk can be a good addition for your office to extend the automation center as it can accommodate more monitors.

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L Shaped Desk Desk Coleshome Computer Desk with Large Monitor Stand,  versatile modern designed L-shaped gaming desk

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

The coleshome L-shaped gaming desk has not fallen far behind from the Mr. Ironstone L-shaped desk and a closer look will reveal that almost all the features are the same. For this unit, you will however get a wooden top, which is not only thick but solid.


  • Height 25kg
  • Thicken Board: 0.6″/1.5cm
  • Height from floor to desktop: 29.2″

The assembly manual accompanies the gaming desk, and once you have set it up successfully, you will be provided with comfortable spacious legroom, the bottom part is made of steel frames and a thick panel tabletop that is tough enough to support a dual monitor rack.

The table can be adopted for use in offices as a study table, in the dormitory, and as a gaming desk, the spacious desktop can comfortably accommodate more than one monitor and the x design on the sides counters the pressure exerted by the electronics and the user’s hand.

Books, decorative flowers and a lamp can perfectly fit on the gaming desk and still leave you with enough space for your mouse and monitor.


  • The round corner design enables easy placement
  • Incorporated a high-quality MDF on the top part of the table
  • The desk panel is waterproof thus durable
  • Has spacious legroom which enhances comfort


  • The parts have not been pre-drilled
  • The unit is not stable


Forget the sharp-cornered L-shaped gaming desk, because this unit is a lot more contemporary and can easily stand in as an extension in your office or be used for study and gaming at the same time.

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Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Gaming Desk 

Modern L-Shaped Gaming Desk 

Nothing fancy going on with this gaming table, to an extent it is more professional to be fully dedicated to gaming. Tribesigns L-shaped gaming desk has to be the toughest unit we have reviewed simply because it features the most innovative but functional design.


  • Height from floor to desktop: 29″
  • Weight 61.6 pounds
  • Size: 66.14“(Long Side) x 18.90″(D) x 29″(H)

Posing a convenient height from the floor the Tribesigns L-Shaped desk does not only have a spacious footrest but has additionally incorporated a durable top. The latter features a bevel angle design that can be used for the storage of the networking peripherals. The desk comes with a separate CPU stand, so you don’t have to put it directly on the floor.

At the back, you will find the M-style buckle design which enables easy assembly of the desk and even better is that you don’t have to use a screw to connect it. The desktop is spacious enough to contain at least two monitors, your keyboard, and the mouse and still have space remaining for décor.

The incorporated steel metal legs ensure stability of the unit and can, therefore, stand the weight of the monitors without crashing. The E1 board is additionally tough to contain more than one monitor without caving in or collapsing.


  • Incorporated a footrest
  • comes with a free CPU stand
  • The unit is sturdy and spacious
  • The price matches the quality of the table


  • Assembly is tough
  • The surface comes a bit narrow


Tribesigns modern desk features a traditional design, as it is very simple but highly functional, you will, therefore, get a spacious tabletop for your monitor and strong legs to take on the pressure exerted by activities going on at the surface of the unit.

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Tips on choosing the best L-shaped gaming desk

Design of the desk – the reason why the l-shaped desk is recommended for gamers is that it allows players to change their positions in that they can switch their sitting angle for better results. Additionally, most of the l-shaped gaming desks normally come with a shelf, which gives room for the player to stand up just in case they had been sitting for a long time.

Changing of positions from time to time alleviates some of the health conditions given that sitting for a long time has its own share of health complications such as diabetes, and that is why you get the extra shelf feature in the gaming desks.

Shape and space- the shape of your gaming desk has to relate to the available space in your room, therefore, take note of the height from the ground because you are going to need room for your legs when gaming, some gaming desks incorporate a footrest, while others might be too constricting leading to discomfort during gaming.

The L-shaped desks are always the perfect fit for any room because they conveniently place themselves quietly in one corner and ensure to leave enough space in the room for you to do other activities; in short, is that they are not obstructive.

The extra legroom can be used for the storage of the CPU while the extended space from the L-Shape design can be used to position other monitors, your keyboard, mouse, and books. The above is not possible with the other table designs as they have a small space fit for one monitor.

The construction and Material

A desk for whatever purpose always has to spot durable construction materials, because these are among the things that you don’t buy frequently. Remember that you are going to use the gaming table with your monitor so the construction should be able to counter the pressure exerted by your monitor among other things that you might want to use.

Gaming tables are made with tops derived from different materials, some are made of glass, which is breakable and calls for a lot of care, while others are made of durable wood and a good number are made from the MDF board. Well of all the above the only durable option is the wood tops but then again it all boils down to what you want and your style.

A good gaming table should, therefore, feature a wooden top and strong and sturdy metal structure at the bottom.

Assembly instructions

This is the trickiest part because a gaming table without a manual can be your worst nightmare as you don’t know where you will begin. However, before, you settle on any unit ensure to go through the reviews and see if other people have managed to successfully assemble the tabletop and used it. Also, before purchase ensure that the supplier has incorporated an assembling manual to make the work simple for you.

Weight capacity

Have you ever bothered to check on the weight of the gaming desk that you intend to purchase, and do you know how relevant this information can be when it comes to safeguarding your computing equipment. The simple and short explanation of why you should always check on the weight of your gaming desk is because if it is too low then you might have to replace your monitors because the unit will collapse if you put a lot of weighty stuff on it.

In essence, therefore, is that you cannot put too many monitors, laptops, speakers, and gamepads on a unit that cannot handle the extra weight and that is why it is important to know the weight of your table to match it to the weight of the things that will go on the surface.

Final thought

As manufacturers try to remain relevant, they are making some rather costly mistakes in the making of the L-Shaped gaming desks. Most of the desks cannot effectively contain the heavy loads, additionally, some desks come with funny shaped legs that make them unstable. The above, therefore, leaves us with one option to get a unit that is made with steel and durable wood, forget the fancy leg designs.

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