Best joystick for helicopter sim

Best joystick for helicopter sim

Put your piloting skills to test by playing PC games with a joystick. This controller can give you enhanced gaming experience.

As gaming consoles continue advancing each year, the number of accessories keeps on increasing. One of the essential accessories that you can use to play helicopter sim games is a joystick. This stick can give your hands precise control more than using a mouse or keyboard. A joystick can also give you a more realistic experience.

Finding the best joystick for helicopter sim should be a priority. Though there are numerous options available, our guide covers the most popular options you should consider purchasing. Apart from reviewing the best joystick for such PC games, we will also give the right criteria that you should follow as you make a purchase. Read on!

Comparison table for the best joystick for helicopter sim

Call to action
Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog
13 pounds
Extreme 3D Pro
5. 6 ounces
Logitech G Saitek X52
4.8 pounds
Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas
4.7 pounds
Thrustmaster T.16000M
3 pounds
Mad Catz V.1
14 ounces
CH Products Pro Throttle
2.4 pounds

Reviewing the best joystick for helicopter sim

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog

Best joystick for helicopter sim


A good joystick can make you feel as if you are flying. Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog is one of the popular joysticks that have this effect. It allows you to play helicopter sim games from the comfort of your home but transports to a whole new world. The manufacturer of this joystick borrows inspiration from the flight stick used in US Air Force. It delivers pinpoint accuracy and a 16-bit resolution.


  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Magnetic sensors: 3D
  • Technology: HallEffect Accurate
  • Weight: 13 pounds

Since this joystick is made of metal, it is a heavyweight controller. The manufacturer uses the five spring suspension mechanism in its making. This enables the joystick to deliver smooth linear resistance. You also get the chance to program at least 19 buttons based on your preference. Since this joystick for helicopter sim does not come with a twist function, you should consider buying pedals separately.

The joystick also uses magnetic sensors and allows you to adjust the throttle resistance based on your preference. The manufacturer also ensures that all the action buttons you need during your gaming sessions are within reach.


  • It increases accuracy
  • Double throttles
  • Has an ergonomic and robust design
  • Made from quality materials
  • Contains numerous switches and buttons


  • It fails to support Z-axis rotation

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Extreme 3D Pro

user-friendly joystick for helicopter sim

If you need a simple to use joystick, you should consider Extreme 3D Pro. This is a user-friendly joystick for helicopter sim that does not compromise on quality. Since this is an adjustable joystick, it can suit the needs of different types of gamers. The joystick also comes with numerous buttons that give you more control during gaming.

Most gamers are also impressed with the design of this joystick. It is a comfortable device that you can use to play helicopter sim games for hours. Extreme 3D Pro can help you enjoy precise and stable gaming. Unlike other joysticks for Pc games, this specific model has a heavier and wider base, which can prevent tipping. If you are not used to such joysticks, you may have to use more force in pushing it. This can cause fatigue when playing for extended durations.


  • Action buttons: 12
  • USB driven
  • Weight: 5 ounces

The joystick comes with at least 12 action buttons and an 8-way hat switch. The low price tag also draws many gamers to this joystick. Logitech, the company behind this joystick, pays attention to detail when making it. Every button is well placed, and the joystick also includes a twist handle rudder.


  • Ergonomic design
  • The action buttons are comfortably placed
  • Its heavy base prevents it from tipping
  • Throttle control
  • It is pocket-friendly


  • Some gamers find the joystick to be a bit stiff
  • Others also report some software issues

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Logitech G Saitek X52

joysticks for PC games.

Logitech is not only known for producing keyboards but also excellent joysticks for PC games. If you have been searching for the best joystick for helicopter sim and have not yet found an ideal one, you should focus on this brand. It is a simple joystick that comes with all the right features to boost your gaming sessions. Though this maintains a retro design, it is still as competitive as other modern joysticks. Its design makes it look classy alongside your desktop.


  • Multifunction display
  • Progressive throttle
  • Fire buttons: 2
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds

This robust joystick comes with an adjustable grip and constant spring tension, which facilitates a smooth flight. It also allows you to control the rudder pedals with ease. You can use the throttle to control the thrust of a plane. One of the unique features available on this joystick’s throttle is the multifunction display, which contains a timer function.

The joystick gives you the freedom to adjust the throttle’s resistance and check the radio frequencies. If you need a reliable joystick for your space sims, you should consider Logitech G Saitek X52. Many users are also impressed with the illuminated buttons and LCD of this joystick. Since the adjustable handle comes with at least five different positions, it increases comfort during use.


  • You can easily adjust the handle
  • The throttle resistance is also adjustable
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • It contains an LCD


  • It is not compatible with all PC operating systems

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Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas

joystick to play PC games

Thrustmaster is one of the famous companies that always have joysticks for gamers with different styles and budgets. You can use this specific model to play helicopter sim games more accurately and comfortably. It comes with a detachable throttle and is suitable for casual gamers. Using this joystick to play PC games makes you feel as if you are in a real cockpit.


  • Action buttons: 12
  • Axes: 5
  • PS4/PC switch
  • Dual rudder system
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds

Apart from the throttle, this joystick also comes with five axes and 12 action buttons that make it suitable for different PC games. It also includes a dual rudder system as well as a PS4/ PC switch. Most beginners prefer this joystick for helicopter sim over others since it comes with a multidirectional hat switch and large hand rest.

This joystick proves that you don’t have to spend so much money to get a quality controller for your PC games. It features the Z-axis rotation. Though the budget-friendly joystick produces some plastic noises, it feels solid on a desk. Before purchasing this joystick for helicopter sim, you have to think of placement since it comes with a short connecting cable.


  • Contains 12 action buttons
  • Has a multidirectional hat switch
  • Keyboard syncing
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Detachable throttle


  • Has a short cable length

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Thrustmaster T.16000M

HOTAS Controller

The overall layout of this joystick makes it stand out among conventional models. Thrustmaster, the company behind this joystick for helicopter sim, uses a braille-style system in its making. You should, therefore, not have any problems trying to identify the keys. It contains 16 keys that are strategically positioned around the stick. Though the joystick looks a bit cheap, most gamers reveal that it feels quite sturdy.


  • Keys: 16
  • Buttons: 14
  • Sliding rail tracks

This joystick also comes with a twist rudder and four axes. Most users find the low profile throttle of this joystick to be quite comfortable even when gaming for long. Apart from the keys, this Thrustmaster joystick also includes 14 buttons and a sliding rail system. This is an attractive joystick that delivers precision.

Due to magnetic sensors, you should expect to get a realistic gaming experience while using this joystick. The manufacturer of this joystick uses one of the most accurate technologies available. This joystick also contains a coil spring, which offers powerful tension. It lets you control your plane with excellent precision.


  • It contains at least four independent axes
  • Automatic illumination
  • Uses a braille style system
  • Comes with strategically positioned keys


  • It is lighter than most models

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Mad Catz V.1

left-handed JOY STICK for sims

Are you left-handed and enjoy playing helicopter sim games? You should get a suitable joystick that can fulfill your needs. Mad Catz is a budget-friendly joystick that accommodates both left and right-handed gamers. Most people consider it since it comes with exciting features.


  • Buttons: 5
  • POV switch
  • Z-axis rotation

The POV button is one of the unique features you will notice in this joystick for helicopter sim. It gives you the liberty of switching different cockpit views within seconds. The joystick also contains a twist-action rudder and throttle level. You should also notice the programmable switch and LED light available in Mad Catz joystick.

You can easily access the five available buttons with either hand. Though this joystick’s design makes it a bit lighter than the rest of the models, most gamers like how comfortable it feels. It also great for beginners due to how easy it is to use. This joystick gives you the chance to play different helicopter sim games seamlessly. It has not only an appealing finish but also a good grip. Some gamers are, however, not impressed with the plastic material used in the making. It is not as durable as other joysticks for PC gaming.


  • Contains removable legs
  • Great for left-handed gamers
  • Has a simple design
  • The joystick grips well


  • It is light

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CH Products Pro Throttle

pocket-friendly joystick for helicopter sim

Would you like to start space simulation gaming but don’t have a big budget? You can still find pocket-friendly accessories for your desktop. Since having a controller is crucial, you should focus on cheap but quality models such as this one. CH Products Pro Throttle joystick offers enhanced functionality to help you enjoy playing different helicopter sim games. Since the company behind this joystick has been making quality products for decades, you don’t have to worry about the quality of this joystick.


  • Buttons: 24
  • Z-axis throttle
  • Axes: 3

Though some joysticks have compatibility issues, you will not experience such in choosing this model. It is compatible with different macOS and Windows versions. This is a cost-effective joystick that is suitable for casual gamers.

The best joystick for helicopter sim should feature a great throttle, and this specific model does not disappoint. It offers Z-axis throttle control to help you fly planes quickly into space. Though it is made with plastic material, it contains non-slip feet and has an easy to access button layout. It also features 8-way and 4-way switches. This joystick can give you access to more than 100 programmable functions.


  • It is compatible with macOS ad Windows
  • Comes with at least 24 buttons
  • Excellent software


  • It has an outdated design

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A buying guide for the best joystick for helicopter sim

A good joystick can give you more control as you play different helicopter sim games. If you love such games, you have to compare different models until you find the right one. Consider the following as you pick the right joystick for PC gaming.

Throttle control

This is the most crucial feature of a joystick. The throttle is a lever that you can either pull back or press forward to slow down or speed up the vehicle you are trying to pilot. Throttle control varies from one joystick to another. In some joysticks, the throttle is integrated on the base while others come with detached throttle control.

You should consider choosing a joystick with a separate throttle control since it prevents your hands from being so close to each other. Such a joystick can give you a more ergonomic feel. Though you may have to pay more for a joystick with a detached throttle, it will provide you with access to more buttons.

Hat switch and Z axis

You should also choose a joystick that comes with these functionalities. Z-axis rotation means that you can twist the joystick in different directions. This functionality is essential when playing helicopter sim games since it offers more control. If the joystick you go for does not have this feature, you should consider purchasing pedals separately. This, however, means incurring extra cots after the initial purchase. The best joystick should also feature a hat switch control. This feature is crucial since it can offer a point of view control and allow you to switch between various camera angles.


Some companies have been making quality joysticks for years and have managed to build a good reputation. Working with such brands can help you get a good joystick that you can use to play different helicopter sim games. Ensure you choose a quality joystick that can perform various functions from well-known brands.

Ease of use

Whether you are used to playing helicopter sim games or not, you should only focus on user-friendly joysticks. Consider a Hotas Joystick since it can offer smooth motion and give you the chance to modify the tension according to your playing style. Such a joystick can help you enjoy gaming since it is easy to use. You should also pay attention to the button configuration as you compare different joysticks. Ensure that you choose a model that has strategically placed buttons for easy movement.


Another consideration that many gamers make when comparing joysticks for helicopter sim is the cost. This is because every gamer has a different budget. Comparing joysticks on various online platforms gives you a chance to see how much each model costs. As you look at the various costs of joysticks, you should also pay attention to the quality and features available in each. Having these factors in mind can help you get a joystick can give you value for your cash.

Comfort level

You should also gauge the level of comfort that different joysticks offer. Choosing an uncomfortable model can make your hand cramp up and put you at risk of sustaining a strain injury. Focus on a joystick with an ergonomic design to allow your hand and fingers to wrap around it naturally.


What is a joystick?

This is a controller that enables you to play different flight simulation games on your computer.

Should I choose a joystick with more or fewer buttons?

This depends on the specific helicopter sim games you like playing. You should choose one with enough buttons but not too many of them.

Why should I get a joystick rather than using a mouse?

Though you can use a mouse for PC gaming, a joystick is better since it can give you a more real-time experience. It also contains switches and buttons that can help you enjoy gaming.


Every gamer should invest in a programmable joystick that they can rely on while playing different games. We have discussed the best joystick for helicopter sim to give you a head start of what you should expect. As you compare the models, do not forget to use the included guide when you go shopping.

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