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Gaming provides some form of gratification more especially when you take up the role of a character that you admire. Playing the above roles offers high enjoyment levels and to some extent contributes to various cognitive benefits such as improved attention capacity and mental flexibility among others.

The gaming landscape is rather complex and that is why here at Top Gaming Essential we have decided to bring you up to speed with the various gaming essentials. Gaming is a form of stress management and an effective method of passing time, so while you aim at achieving the above, there are some necessary gaming accessories that will contribute to your experience thus make it comprehensive and enjoyable.

So apart from the must-have controller and the hard drive for storage purposes, you also must ensure that you have the perfect workstation GPU, to which end we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best workstation GPU 2020. The above are graphics software drivers configured to ensure users achieve up to 5X faster performance, accuracy, computational data integrity, and about 8X faster computational simulation.

What about the gaming computer that you use, is it able to support the external, technologically advanced gaming gadgets like the HTC Vive; if you have been thinking of investing in the latter, then here some basic computer specs that you should be looking out for; the 1X USB 3.0 port or newer.

The memory should at least be 8GB or more, with an Intel® Core™ i5-4590 processor. For the Graphics card, you can go with the AMD Radeon™ RX 480; more information on the best gaming computer for HCT Vive can be fetched in the detailed Top Gaming Essentials excerpts. We have also compiled comprehensive information on the best graphics cards for Sims 4, the above is necessary as it will help you achieve better and smoother images.